• I'm a freelancer. I have a year of experience in the web development industry. I worked for a startup studio and was the software engineer and product manager for several companies within the studio.

  • I studied science. I have three years of back-end development school projects, in C, C++, Java and Python.

  • I challenged myself to became an entrepreneur. I keep my eyes open on opportunies and try to make something people want.


  • I love homelabbing. The possibility to be the software engineer, sysadmin and sre of my own lab drives me crazy. I can break things without worrying about it.

  • I like listening to other people's experiences and sharing my own! That's why I read books, articles and listen to podcasts.

  • I'm ambioustly focusing on learning: There is so much things that I want to learn, so I hate losing time.

  • I do sports. I did seven years of Karate, one year of light Krav Maga and I started weight training in 2022.




Masters of Computer Science, Paris, France

Relevant Coursework : Software, Product Management, Entrepreneurship & Bachelor of Science : Mathematics, Mechanics, Chemistry


Deployment: Ansible, Kubernetes, Terraform,Docker, Git,Bash, Linux, AWS

Frontend : Node.js,Javascript, React, Next.js, HTML/CSS

Backend : Java,C++, Python, SQL,

Spoken Languages: English, French, Egyptian,